Get your [bleep] together…with DITA maps [On-Line Event]

In this TC Dojo session, we’ll talk about maps, maps, and more maps. Using maps to organize your thoughts, your keys, your content, your deliverables. We’ll talk about mini-maps and deliverable maps, and why you should not use bookmaps (unless you actually print to paper, but who does that anymore?!).

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How to use root-cause analysis to promote information supply chain methodologies [On-line Event]

If your documentation process is implicated in a customer quality incident (CQI), Congratulations! You have the platform needed to shine a light on the problems you’ve been escalating for years.

In this presentation, Seth Park will argue that errors in documentation are actually symptoms of underlying data flow issues. If you don’t get involved in root-cause analysis, you’ll end up being asked for more reviews and checklists when you really need a more effective method for transferring data amongst teams. Continue reading “How to use root-cause analysis to promote information supply chain methodologies [On-line Event]”

To DITA or Not To DITA [On-Line Event]

It’s hard to miss the hype about DITA. But what is the reality? How can you or your organization make an informed decision about whether to migrate to a DITA-based workflow? Is DITA the best choice for you? Or would you be better served by other technologies or COTS (common off-the-shelf) solutions?

DITA has helped many organizations improve the efficiency of their publishing workflows. But is DITA for you? In this TC Dojo session, Alan Houser will attempt to separate the DITA hype from the reality. You will learn: Continue reading “To DITA or Not To DITA [On-Line Event]”